CAT HOTEL cabins

We are great believers of individualism. Like every cabin, each has its own personality and designed to keep your cat feeling curious and entertained during their vacation.


In a space full of lush greens and tree branches, your cat will be enticed to claw deep into our jungle paradise and begin their crawl through the tunnel, and amongst the trees. And who knows, you might even want to join them too.


Let's pounce through the cabin selections with us and you'll know why...


Every holiday starts with an intention and goal. And joining the bandwagon of unknown certainties takes a little courage and trust. The journey can be unpredictable and relentless yet adventurous when you think outside the box, dare your cat to get them out of their usual routine.


Choose any available cabins to match your cat's personality for their stay. 




Fits up to 2 cats

2 Tiers

Our cave cabin is designed to stimulate movement, increase mental activity and incite relaxation that allows them to get in touch with nature.

Personalise your cabin with their favourite toys, blanket, miniature scratching pole and food bowls. 

Fits up to 2 cats

4 Tiers

Let your cat traverse through tunnels and let the lights guide their exploration toward our spacious rooftop view.

Fix a hammock, favourite blanket, toys and food bowls to complete their stay.

Fits up to 2 cats

2 Tiers

Amidst our lava cabin lies a tall lava mountain. While your cat enjoys a private setting, they get to indulge in our complimentary wheatgrass.

Decorate your cabin with their favourite blanket, toys and food bowls to remind them of home.

Advocate Box 

From $35

Treatment of heartworms, ear mites, and fleas. 

The world is a better place with more greenery! Every cat in Catpurra is welcomed with complimentary wheatgrass to aid your cat's well-being and to accommodate a comforting stay. Our aim is to provide a stress-free holiday for you and your cats, so we have included other additional treats to succour your cat's transition.

** Standard Grooming -

Kitten - $60 / Adult -$75

Nail Clipping, Basic Fur Trim, Deshedding, Dental Care, Clean Bath, Fur Brushing, Ear & Eyes Cleaning, Shampoo and Conditioner, Sanitary Trim, Paw Pad Shave



Short Natural Cut - $25

Belly Trim - $25

Tigon Shave - $30

Lion Cut - $35

* Degreaser - $25

*Highly Recommended!

Basic Grooming


Nail Trim, Ear Cleaning, Fur Brushing, Shampoo & Conditioner

Pet Taxi (Round) - $30

Pet Taxi (One Way) - $18

Kit Cat Breath Bites (60g) $3/bag

Designed to help keep your cat’s teeth clean by reducing plaque and tartar when fed daily.

A la Carte Grooming

Shampoo & Conditioner - $30

Tooth Brushing - $10 

Sanitary Trim - $10

Ear Cleaning - $5

Nail Clipping - $5

Dematting - $5/Matted Fur

Degreaser - $35

Tigon Cut - $75

Lion Cut - $80

Paw Pad Shave - $10

Belly Trim - $25



Vet Visit

(Consultation Fee - $28.00)

Vaccination - $10.70

Neuter (Male) - $120

(Includes Consultation)

Spay (Female) - $230

(Includes Consultation)

Prices are based on estimates.

Vaccination card and other medical documents are to be provided upon confirmation.


We strictly do not accept cats who are non-compliant with our boarding guidelines.

Kindly ensure your cat is healthy enough to enter a cat boarding environment.

50% Deposit or Full payment must be made to secure your booking.

Online registration form are to be filled before check in day. 

Not Felv and FIV positive

Free from parasite, fleas, ringworm and ticks

Vaccinated within the past 12 months

Sterilised/Neutered if over 6 months 


what to pack?





Familiar Item


Cat Food

Food Bowl


(If preferred)