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All In One Grooming Package

Our All In One Grooming Package is created for your cats to enjoy a full Catpurra experience. Not only they get to enjoy the scrubs, they get full access to our Cat Adventure playground and experience an outdoor atmosphere. Don't worry! Our space is 100% cat-proof to ensure a safe environment for your cats. They get to busy themselves by climbing trees branches, exploring the secret hide out in our tree house and traverse across bridges that leads to a whole different play area. After all that fun, they'll get to camp out in our nature inspired cabins like Cave cabins, Maze cabins and Lava cabins.


This is strictly for sterilised cats only. As part of our boarding guidelines and AVS regulations, it is important for us to ensure all cats on boarding is sterilised. We take pride in making sure the cats in our facility is prevented from any unwanted stress and maintain excellent hygiene standards at all times.

Also as a preventive measure, we do not mix cats with other household cats to ensure the cats in our vicinity feel safe and comfortable during their playtime and in their designated cabins.

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