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welcome to Catpurra

As you delve deeper into our story, you'll discover a world where nature-inspired designs, eco-friendly practices, and innovative services all come together to create a unique and enriching experience for cats and their owners.

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Our story

In 2016, a heartfelt love for our cat friends inspired the inception of Catpurra, initially as a social account dedicated to raising awareness about the plight of community cats, advocating for their recognition and well-being. It all began with the simple act of feeding community cats across Singapore, and even during personal travels overseas, where compassion knew no borders.


In 2019, driven by a burning desire to foster a more active and fulfilling life for our beloved cats, Catpurra transformed from a passion project into a full-fledged, family-owned company. Catpurra, being a nature-inspired endeavor, reflects our adventurous spirit as a family. We wanted to reconnect cats of their true nature and offer them an environment that echoes the wild world their ancestors once roamed.

Recognizing that many cat owners were struggling to provide responsible care for their feline companions due to the demands of busy modern lives, Catpurra took a holistic approach to address this need. Our vision was to create an environment where cats could tap into their inner tiger, embracing their wild instincts and moving away from the sedentary lives that often lead to health issues. We embarked on a mission to provide a comprehensive solution for cat owners, one that extended beyond feeding and shelter.

Today, Catpurra stands as a beacon for cat wellness, offering a range of services including cat hotel, cat grooming, and cat care. Affiliated with Barkway Pet Health for medical assistance, we've crafted an ecosystem where every aspect of a cat's life is cared for with love and expertise. Our journey is a testament to the unwavering commitment to creating a holistic, stimulating, and enriching environment for cats. With Catpurra, it's not just about owning a cat; it's about nurturing a lifetime of health, happiness, and adventure for our cherished companions.


We are open to exploring collaborative ventures and partnerships. Feel free to get in touch.

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