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Catpurra's Cat Hotel is a unique and personalized lodging experience for your feline companion. Our Cat Hotel features three distinctive cabins, each meticulously crafted and handmade by our Catpurra team. These cabins, named the "Cave Cabin," "Maze Cabin," and "Lava Cabin," are not just places to stay; they're designed to cater to your cat's unique personality and preferences.

types of cabins

malu malu kucing
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Why are we unique?

Each cabin is thoughtfully designed to evoke the ambiance of nature, providing a soothing and stimulating environment for your cat. We understand that cats have unique preferences, and our handmade, made-to-measure cabins ensure they have the perfect space to feel at home. At Catpurra, we believe in catering to the individual needs of each cat, creating a comforting and enjoyable experience while they are away from home. While our commitment to cat care is unwavering, we'd like to outline our terms and conditions for your reference.

we are a licensed cat hotel

At Catpurra, we take the well-being and safety of your beloved cat companions seriously. As a licensed cat hotel, we adhere to a set of comprehensive boarding guidelines established in collaboration with AVS (Animal & Veterinary Service). These guidelines are designed to protect your cat and ensure the safety of all cats within our facility.

Following these mandatory guidelines is crucial for maintaining a secure and harmonious environment for your cat and their fellow guests. It's our commitment to providing the highest level of care and comfort to your furry friend during their stay with us. Rest assured, your cat's safety and happiness are our top priorities, and we're dedicated to upholding the standards set by AVS to ensure the best experience for your pet.

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