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Catpurra Boarding Guidelines

Catpurra boarding guidelines outlined by the AVS (Animal & Veterinary Service) establish important requirements to ensure the well-being of cats in boarding facilities. The necessary requirements include:

  1. Recent Vaccination: All cats being boarded should have been vaccinated within the past year. This requirement ensures that the cats have up-to-date protection against common diseases, reducing the risk of disease transmission within the facility.

  2. Neutering (6 months and above): Neutering, or spaying and neutering, is crucial for population control and can also lead to healthier and more well-behaved cats. Requiring neutering for cats aged six months and older promotes responsible cat ownership and helps manage cat populations.

  3. FELV/FIV Test: Ensuring that cats are tested and confirmed negative for Feline Leukemia Virus (FELV) and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) prevents the spread of these contagious diseases and safeguards the health of all boarded animals.

  4. Deworming: Deworming is essential to keep cats free from internal parasites that can cause discomfort and health issues. Requiring deworming before boarding helps maintain a healthy and safe environment for all animals.

  5. Spot-on Solution Application: Applying a spot-on solution at least three days before boarding day helps protect cats from external parasites like fleas and ticks. We would also require cat owners to submit video or picture upon application as part of their medical proof. This requirement ensures that all cats are free from common external parasites and safeguards their comfort during their stay in the boarding facility.

Optional Microchip: While not mandatory, microchipping is encouraged to provide an additional layer of security for pets. It helps in the quick identification and safe return of animals should they get lost or separated from their owners. Microchipping is a valuable option to consider for the well-being and safety of all boarded animals.

By following these guidelines and requirements, boarding facilities can provide a safe and healthy environment for all cats, reduce the risk of disease transmission, and promote responsible pet ownership, ultimately leading to happier and healthier cats.

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