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Terms and conditions (cat sitting)

  1. Package Includes: Covers 2 cats from the same household. Rates include transportation charges. 

  2. Package Excludes: $5 extra per cat for more than 2 cat. An additional $5 charge applies for medical administration.

  3. Payment and Confirmation: To secure your booking, a 50% security deposit is required. The remaining amount is due on the last day of service.

  4. Peak Seaons: For non-peak periods (April, July, August, Sept, Oct). For peak periods (Jan, Feb, Mar, May, June, Nov, Dec).

  5. Dedicated Sitter: We'll assign one dedicated cat sitter for your cat's care. Catpurra will share the cat sitter's details upon confirmation.

  6. Vaccinations and Health Requirements: Prior to the cat sitting service, it is required that all cats have up-to-date vaccinations and necessary health checks as recommended by a licensed veterinarian. In the case of illness or suspected medical issues during the sitting period, the cat owner authorizes Catpurra to seek immediate veterinary care for the cat. Any resulting medical expenses will be the responsibility of the cat owner.

  7. Access and Key Handling: Catpurra requests clear instructions on how to access the property during the cat sitting period. This includes details regarding key collection, alarm systems, or any other necessary access information. Catpurra assures clients that all provided keys and access information are handled securely and only used for the purpose of the agreed-upon cat sitting service. Measures will be taken to ensure the security of the property and the safety of the cat during the sitter's visits. Upon the completion of the service, keys will be returned as instructed by the cat owner.

  8. Additional Charges: Catpurra's standard cat sitting package covers specific services as agreed upon. Any additional services or requirements requested by the cat owner beyond the standard package will incur extra charges. These additional charges will be communicated and agreed upon between Catpurra and the cat owner before implementation. Examples of additional services may include but are not limited to administering medications, extended visit durations, or additional cleaning services due to unexpected situations. The rates for these additional services will be outlined and confirmed in writing prior to their execution.

  9. Liability: Catpurra and the cat owner acknowledge and agree that while every care will be taken to ensure the safety and well-being of the cat during the sitting period, Catpurra shall not be held liable for any accidents, injuries, illnesses, damages, losses, or unforeseen circumstances that may occur to the cat, the property, or any third parties involved. The cat owner agrees to provide accurate and updated information about the cat's health, behavior, and any specific requirements to enable Catpurra to provide optimal care. In the event of any mishaps or emergencies, Catpurra will make reasonable attempts to contact the cat owner or the provided emergency contacts promptly. The cat owner assumes full responsibility for any expenses, claims, or damages arising from the cat's behavior, health issues, or property damage during the cat sitting period.

  10. Emergency Contacts: The cat owner is required to provide accurate and up-to-date emergency contact information, including their contact details and an alternative contact in case the owner is unreachable during the cat sitting period. These contacts should be individuals capable of making prompt decisions concerning the cat's welfare and any necessary medical care. Catpurra will make reasonable attempts to reach the cat owner or the provided emergency contacts in case of any urgent situations, illnesses, or unforeseen circumstances. It is the responsibility of the cat owner to ensure that the emergency contacts are informed about the cat sitting arrangement and are available for communication during the agreed-upon period.

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